David Fuller Compensation for Families Affected

On 8th November 2021 the government announced an independent inquiry into the circumstances that allowed David Fuller to commit serious offences in a hospital mortuary. 

Between 2008 – 2020 David Fuller was able to sexually assault at least 100 bodies in Tunbridge Wells and Pembury Hospitals where he was working as an electrician. 81 of the victims have been identified by Kent Police as part of Operation Sandpiper. 

Dean Wilson Solicitors have been advising families since the news of the offences was first reported to them in mid-October 2021, and now represent the largest group of families. We recognise the sensitive nature of what has happened, and all client information is kept completely confidential. 

An independent inquiry has been called and we have been working with families to ensure that the hospital, and those responsible for these mistakes, are held accountable. The inquiry that has been ordered by the government is not a public inquiry, so we have been working with families to ensure that they will be properly represented as part of the inquiry. We have been calling for a full public inquiry and are advising families on their rights should this request not be met. 

We strongly advise that all affected families take legal advice so that they can understand what the next steps will be, and what their rights are in respect to this. All communication with us is completely confidential and without any obligation to proceed. 

Families are encouraged to contact us on 01273 249200 and to ask to speak to Ben Davey who is handling the inquiry on behalf of families. 

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