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Court Approves Catastrophic Brain Injury Claim Award

02 Jun 2021

The Court approved an award of £450,000 to a catastrophically brain injured male on 27 May 2021.

The Claimant, aged 88 years and whose identity is protected by a Court order, suffered a serious brain injury on 8 September 2019. He visited a hospital trust, having just been notified of the death of his sister, and fell from a wheeled chair which had been placed unsafely on slippery floor. He banged his head on nearby furniture and sadly suffered brain injury as a result. The trust admitted that the chair was unsafe and should have been removed.

The Claimant was diagnosed with a traumatic subdural haemorrhage (bleed on the brain) but was not offered de-compression surgery which would have relieved the trauma. He was instead left for ‘events to take their course’.

The Claimant survived the brain injury but was left with significant disability. Whereas previously he had lived independently without support and lived a fulfilling life, he has been forced to move into a nursing home. He is doubly incontinent, is not orientated to place or time, and as such now requires substantial support. His life expectancy is significantly shortened as a result of the accident.

How Dean Wilson dealt with the Brain Injury Claim

Dean Wilson Solicitors acted for the Claimant and his family, and secured the substantial award at a settlement meeting with the trust on 11 May 2021. The Settlement was approved by the Court on 27 May 2021 with it being sufficient to comfortably meet the Claimant’s needs for the rest of his life. Alex Brown and Ben Davey acted for the Claimant under a no win no fee agreement.

In response to the settlement the Claimant’s step-daughter and litigation friend said:

“I wanted to thank you both once again for all of your help and guidance and ultimately for achieving such an amazing outcome for ‘ABC’. Yes, this won’t make ‘ABC’ better but it will enable us to ensure that he is well looked after, in a comfortable environment and that we can also provide things that will ultimately improve his quality of life going forward.”

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