Eye Injury Claims Solicitors in Brighton, East Sussex

Eye Injury Claims Solicitors

Our specialist team of eye injury claims solicitors understand how impactful an eye injury accident can be in all aspects of your life. If your injury has been a result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to eye injury compensation. Our team are experienced in assisting clients to adapt to their new normal as well as navigating a claim to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation for your eye injury to help you recover.

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Eye injury accident claims can be sustained through many manners of negligence, for example:

  •   Road traffic accidents
  •   Accidents at work
  •   Through violence
  •   Head trauma
  •   Exposure to chemicals
  •   Medical negligence

Eye injury accidents can often present themselves as a minor issue but, if left untreated, can progress to a serious injury or even total blindness. It is important for our clients to receive treatment at the earliest possible stage to prevent further issues from progressing. An eye injury may affect your ability to continue in the job you had been in before the accident, which leaves many people and their families in an uncertain financial position.

Eye Injury Compensation

Our aim is to make bringing a claim for an eye injury accident as simple and easy as possible. We understand the legal process can be confusing and daunting for someone who has already experienced such a traumatic event. That is why we advise our clients through each step of litigation to ensure they are fully informed and understand how their claims are progressing.

If you believe you have suffered negligence, we can offer an initial meeting free of charge to discuss your case and compensation options. If we then consider your claim to have reasonable prospects of success, we can offer to undertake your claim under a no win no fee agreement.


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If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident resulting in eye injuries and would like to know whether you are able to make a claim for compensation for your eye injury, please contact us on 01273 249200.

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