The Rise of the Silver Splitters

14th May 2020
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Julian Hunt, a partner at Dean Wilson and Family Law expert, talks about divorce, more specifically the key issues for ‘silver splitters’ in this recent podcast with Duncan Orr of Swindells Financial Planning.

A breakdown of the podcast:

01:52 – Who are Silver Splitters or Diamond Divorcees?

03:05 – The effect and potential consequences of not remarrying

04:22 – A case study and example of the risks of cohabitation

06:53 – Key considerations for later life marriage

07:52 – The role and benefits of Pre-Nuptial agreements

11:00 – The importance of ongoing Pre-Nuptials reviews

12:24 – Living Together agreements for those who choose not to remarry

14:55 – The division of Assets when divorcing

16:05 – Why needs might trump equality in any settlement

16:50 – Why the cause of a breakdown is unlikely to influence any settlement

19:05 – Problems if one party lives or moves overseas

21:15 – Are there any exceptions where there may be a departure from equality?

24:30 – How pensions are split on divorce

25:20 – The complications of Trust assets when divorcing

To download and listen to the podcast, please click here. 

Julian talks about what to consider with a prenuptial agreement, how it stands in court and the obligations that come with these agreements. For more information, take a look at our related Divorce FAQs. 

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