Ben Davey Settles Serious Spinal Injury Case

28th September 2017
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Ben Davey has recently reached the end of a four year battle on behalf of a Claimant with a severe spinal injury achieving a settlement of £225,000.

The Claimant suffered debilitating pain after unsafe lifting work practices triggered a previously asymptomatic condition. Solicitors for the Claimant’s employer admitted that safe working methods had not been in place but denied that their negligence had caused any injury.

The Claimant suffered from pain which meant that he was unable to work, his walking ability was compromised and that he was unable to properly enjoy family life with his teenage son. He was also found to be suffering from a chronic pain disorder and a major depressive episode.

Expert evidence in the case found that it was likely that at some point in the future the Claimant would have suffered from this same condition and provided for a wide range of acceleration periods (period by which the pre-injury asymptomatic condition had been brought forward by). Despite the Defendant still having not admitted that their negligence caused an injury, and having made no offers throughout the case, Ben was able to achieve settlement by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution, at the more favourable acceleration period. This meant that the Claimant was spared the stress and risk of going to trial and had financial security going forward.

Ben Davey took on this case after the Claimant had not been satisfied with his previous legal advisers. If you are not satisfied with your legal adviser it is possible to change solicitor midway through a case and we can help you with this. Ben can be contacted on 01273 249200 or