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Julian Hunt is an experienced Resolution trained Collaborative Lawyer and his ability to achieve a resolution for his clients has been recognised in a leading law directory, Chambers UK 2016.

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Overview of Collaborative Law

Like Mediation this is a form of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”).  In contrast to Mediation, where both parties meet with one neutral Mediator, within the Collaborative process each has their own solicitor and issues are resolved through a series of round table meetings.

Within the Collaborative Family Law process there is a shared commitment to avoid litigation.  It provides an opportunity for couples to work together with their Collaborative Lawyers to find solutions that enable them and their family to move forward in a positive way.   You benefit from 2 lawyers working together rather than in opposition to one another and the process is very much future focussed.

Our experience is that if there is a genuine desire to achieve what is best for the family, lasting solutions will be found.

Julian Hunt explains

“Firstly imagine two Lawyers representing a separating couple who contract with their clients NOT to go to court and to pursue, together, negotiations giving the parties responsibilities for their own settlement.

Then, imagine a process designed to encourage an agreement, forged together, that brings a sense of dignity to the participants (yes, even the Lawyers) which will allow a relationship to end with less acrimony.

Trained Collaborative Lawyers work together with couples after making a pledge with each other to resolve issues together in a series of face to face round table meetings.   Central to the process is the commitment not to go to Court by agreeing that should there a breakdown in any negotiations both Lawyers will play no further role.  This commitment creates an incentive to be reasonable and liberates the Family Lawyer from their usual role and to be free to help the clients negotiate.   Collaborative Lawyers put their energy and legal fees into negotiations and settlement, not adversarial trial preparation.

Pursuing the Collaborative process is definitely outside the box.   I was one of the first Solicitors in the area to become a trained Collaborative Family Lawyer and I have worked on many Collaborative cases.   The success rate is extremely high and I have found parties to have found the process empowering and liberating.  Most importantly it has allowed couples to separate with dignity.”


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