Working with a STEP qualified solicitor

19th July 2019
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Dean Wilson are STEP members

Here at Dean Wilson LLP, we practise our founding values, to be client focused above all, and provide the best knowledge and expertise from our team. We are always expanding on our prior knowledge in order to exceed our client’s expectations, and that’s why members of our team are STEP qualified solicitors (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

Two of our team members, Paul Green, (Associate) and Georgina James (Consultant) are STEP experts with the relevant and necessary qualifications to meet the requirements. 

What is STEP? 

STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning. With 20,000 members globally in 96 countries, they are recognised for their high standards and discipline in the field. STEP qualified solicitors ensure 

that the Code of Professional Conduct is kept in place whilst helping families to the very best of their abilities. 

STEP not only have 20,000 members but they also offer the opportunity for all of their professional members to continue their professional development and learning through a broad range of qualifications and resources. This ensures that they are always learning and expanding their knowledge. 

Both Paul and Georgina at Dean Wilson have dedicated their time and participated in these qualifications in order to best serve our family law clients at Dean Wilson LLP. 

As a highly experienced qualified team of lawyers at Dean Wilson LLP, we provide only the best assistance to you in a proactive and understanding manner. Having two STEP qualified solicitors on our team ensures that we deliver a high level of trust and professionalism at all times.

Why It Is Important To Choose A Solicitor Who Is A Member of STEP?

Choosing Dean Wilson as your family law solicitor, you will be supported by the knowledge of two STEP qualified solicitors. This will mean you are given expert advice that is backed by a globally recognised and respected association – STEP. 

Your solicitor will be someone you can trust and rely upon to give you the finest quality service, personal to you. As recognised, specialised experts in the family inheritance and succession planning field, a STEP qualified solicitor have a good reputation for raising standards throughout the industry. 

At Dean Wilson we have two STEP qualified members who have worked hard to gain their qualification. Not only does STEP evoke confidence in professionals, it also instills it in our clients – something that we work hard to achieve at Dean Wilson. 

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