What is in the Best Interest of the Children?

24th April 2019

Dean Wilson’s family team provide an editorial for the ABC Magazine, the best read free parenting magazine in Sussex and Surrey.

Here is an extract from the Q&A in the Spring ABC Magazine.


What is in the best interests of the children?


Every situation is different so there is no one answer to this question.  From my experience as a Family Solicitor I have assessed that damage to the children may be limited by following some or all of the following:-

  1. Inform your children jointly of the decision to separate.
  2. Avoid blame – emphasize that it is not their fault and that both parents love them equally.
  3. Inform them that their life will be different but do not give them choices – it is the parents’ job to decide.
  4. Make sure they realise that they are free to love each parent as before – separate your feelings from the children’s feelings – do not confuse your child by belittling or criticising the absent parent.
  5. Expect your child to play one parent off against the other or even to take sides – do not hold what they say against them.
  6. For contact arrangements – make them clear to the children and make them regular – children like routines.

Above all treat Solicitor and Court intervention as a measure of last resort.  Some cases require Solicitors to negotiate on the parents’ behalf and/or the benefit of a Court Order to regulate contact but try desperately hard to sort difficulties out direct with your ex-partner.  The children will benefit most if you are successful.

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