Dean Wilson Secure 430% uplift on Defendant Offer

17th March 2022
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The Ministry of Justice Road Traffic Accident Portal provides a straightforward and easy avenue for clients to bring about low value personal injury claims. However, this is reliant on the Defendant’s fully engaging in the process and putting forward offers of settlement that could realistically settle the claim.

This is shown in a recent case of ours which involved our client as a passenger in a car that was then involved in a road traffic accident. He suffered from whiplash, concussion and a midshaft fracture of the left clavicle.

Liability was admitted in stage 1 and the claim progressed to stage 2 where an expert report was obtained to outline our client’s injuries. The report allowed us to value the claim and put forward a reasonable offer of settlement for the Defendant to consider.

Offers and counteroffers were exchanged but no final settlement could be agreed between the parties. This was due to the Defendant’s apprehension to put forward an appropriate offer with regard to our client’s injuries. The claim was then entered into stage 3 where the judge was presented with all the evidence. The judge awarded a settlement that was a 430% increase on the Defendant’s original offer. This was a fantastic outcome for our client emphasising excellent results can be achieved for our clients through this process.

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