Personal Injury Case – ‘Slide’ to Victory

10th December 2020
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Our PMI Team recently settled an unusual Personal Injury Case

David Landers from our PMI department recently settled an unusual personal injury case involving an inflatable slide. The Claimant was a volunteer at an event organised by the Defendant and were responsible for the inflatable slide in question.

At the end of the event, the Claimant was permitted to use the inflatable slide. An employee for the Defendant advised the Claimant to go down the slide in her trainers. However, whilst going down the slide, the Claimant’s shoe unfortunately came into contact with the material of the slide. The shoe became stuck to the material whilst the Claimant continued down the slide which caused her ankle to twist and resulted in an injury.

The Claimant sustained a fractured ankle which required physiotherapy and she was absent from work for over a month.

In personal injury claims up to £25,000, these are submitted onto an online portal to enable the insurers for the Defendant to commence their investigations into liability. However, in this case, the claim exited the portal as the Defendant insurer failed to respond within the investigation period.

David Landers obtained an admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurer by successfully arguing that the Defendant and their employees failed to keep the Claimant safe. It was argued that the Defendant allowed the Claimant onto the inflatable slide when it was unsafe to do so and that they did not consider the risks of allowing people onto the slide and their trainers becoming stuck to the material.

After Court proceedings were issued as the Defendant insurer failed to respond to our offer of settlement, David Landers was able to negotiate a favourable settlement for the Claimant.

Dean Wilson LLP acted in this personal injury matter under a conditional fee agreement (no win, no fee basis).

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