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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Our experienced team understand how life-altering a road traffic accident can be. These traumatic events can impact people for the rest of their lives, physically and mentally. Motorcyclists are exposed to injuries ranging anywhere from whiplash to severe brain injury. However minor the injury may seem, it can impact aspects of your life you may not even consider. It is our aim to assess the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident and implement a rehabilitation plan to help our clients return to some sense of normalcy. We have built strong relationships with care providers who are able to provide specialist rehabilitation for motorcycle accident claims quickly and efficiently. Our team have successfully obtained interim payments from defendants in order to fund rehabilitation on many of our cases.

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Bringing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

It is our aim to make the process as easy and smooth as possible to ensure clients do not suffer any further stress that may impact their recovery. In a motorcycle accident, it is often that the other party will attempt to claim you are partially negligent for the accident. As solicitors, it is our role to investigate and gather evidence to help establish liability and put forward the best case possible on behalf of our client.

Motorcycle Accident Claims for Compensation

We understand how impactful a motorcycle accident can be, especially when it affects your ability to work. This can lead to financial hardship which in turn, causes a greater impact on your mental health. We have experience claiming on behalf of our client’s loss of earnings, rehabilitation needs, and any further expenses required for their recovery.


Motor Insurers Bureau

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to be involved in an accident where the other party are either uninsured or cannot be found. However, this does not prevent you from bringing your claim as the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) will deal with the motorcycle accident claim under the “Uninsured/Untraced Drivers Agreement.” This is a very difficult area of law, but our team of motorcycle accident solicitors are very experienced in dealing with these sorts of claims and have on many occasions been successful in liaising with the MIB to obtain funds for rehabilitation.


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