Is mild traumatic brain injury diagnosis now possible on the spot?

23rd January 2019
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A recent scientific advance could make it possible for a mild traumatic brain injury diagnosis to be carried out on the spot within minutes of it having occurred.

Swiss researchers at the University of Geneva have created a hand-held device called TBI Check that works with just a single drop of the patient’s blood.

What is Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Apparently, when the head suffers trauma, damaged brain cells release proteins leading to a higher level of these in the blood.  One of the indicators is H-FABP (a fatty acid binding protein of the heart type.

What is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis?

TBI Check works when analysing a drop of blood to consider the patient’s levels of this protein and if they exceed a certain level then the patient can be advised to go to the hospital for a follow-up.  It is very similar to that we see in the UK with suspected heart attack patients.  The PMI Team at Dean Wilson welcome this development which could have a significant effect in improving the speed of diagnosis.  It will be interesting to see whether the accuracy of the device, once verified, becomes a mainstream tool for those diagnosing such injuries and also whether the Defendant’s insurance lobby will accept the findings in evidence.

Dean Wilson Works with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Specialists

Our specialist team is on the Headway Solicitors List and we also have close links with expert brain injury rehabilitation providers. We work closely with brain injury charities such as The Silver Lining which is a support network that many of our clients past and present are part of. Our team is dedicated to increasing awareness of brain injury and improving support services to those affected by it.

As a result of our excellent reputation in the industry, treating practitioners often refer clients to us who are not satisfied with the way that their solicitor is handling their claim. You have a right to move solicitor should you wish and we can talk you through this process.

We do not charge for dealing with initial enquiries even if we do not take the claim on. This way you can be safe in the knowledge that you can receive expert legal advice about your accident without committing to any obligations. If we consider that you have a claim which is likely to be successful, then we can offer you a “no win no fee” agreement.

Working with Dean Wilson on your Claim…

If you would like to discuss a potential brain or head injury claim, please contact us on 01273 249200 for a free no obligation discussion. We are happy to visit seriously injured clients at home or in the hospital.