Changes to Personal Injury Law May Unfairly Affect Military Claims

1st February 2021
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Sam Elsby’s Article for The Times on The ‘Unconscionable’ Changes to Personal Injury Law.

Our Consultant Solicitor Sam Elsby, who is also the President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, has written an article for The Times newspaper (28th January).

Sam has talked in his capacity as APIL President. about a proposed new law that would affect injury claims by military personnel, but the legislation is an example of a long-standing trend of legislation against the interests of all injury victims.

 More often than not, substantive changes such as these can trickle down into other areas of personal injury law and impact on those who have suffered life changing injuries in other areas such as accidents at work, road traffic accident, criminal injuries (CICA) and the like. Therefore it is important such changes are resisted to protect the rights of injured persons not only in the military but across the country as well.

 A full copy of the article on The Times can be seen here.

Or a PDF copy of the article can be seen by clicking here.


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