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Our department of employment lawyers in Brighton is made up of a highly experienced team of employment solicitors who are well-regarded specialists in their field, able to offer supportive advice, value for money, focusing on the resolution you seek.

Expert Employment Law Advice for Employees

If you are having problems at work, our specialist team of employment law solicitors is here to advise you. We will provide you with structured, cost-effective guidance, designed to help you achieve the best outcome.

Our employment law solicitors act on behalf of employees, workers and self-employed individuals including; unfair dismissal, redundancy, contracts, grievance and settlement agreements.

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Our employment solicitors in Brighton can help employees with:

Contracts of Employment and Service Agreements

Whether you are starting a new job as an employee or a new project as a self-employed contractor, it’s important that the contract you sign clearly reflects the terms, rights and benefits that you expect. We help to make sure that any promises you were made during the recruitment phase are included in the contract and that you are not surprised by post-employment restrictions or a lack of protection on dismissal that you might not have anticipated.

Grievance and Employment Rights

If you are experiencing problems at work and you are uncertain about what steps you can take to address and correct the issues that are troubling you, contact us. We will work with you to help you understand how and why a workplace issue has arisen and we can give you options that can help to remove the concerns you have, either through the grievance process or through less formal processes. Where appropriate we can use our voice to help your employer understand that you are aware of your legal rights and that they must take steps to correct the problems that exist or they will face the legal consequences of failing to do so.


If you are at risk of redundancy or you are concerned about a potential redundancy situation, we will provide expert advice on your position. We will identify whether your role is redundant and discuss with you the correct procedure which should be followed. In a redundancy situation your employer needs to consult with you and to follow certain processes. If it appears that there is no genuine redundancy or the proper process has not been followed, we can discuss your options with you and open up a dialogue with your employer. If you have been offered a redundancy package and you are not sure whether to accept it, we can advise you on your entitlements and assist you through the negotiations.

Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination

Our experienced team can help you if you feel that you are being treated unfairly or differently to others at work or you have been dismissed for reasons that are not fair. In these situations we can help you to try to stop the unfair treatment and, if you have been dismissed, to negotiate terms of dismissal that are fair to you and ensure that you can move forward in your career without damage to your professional and personal reputation. Where such negotiations fail, we are ready and able to guide and represent you through the tribunal process that may be required in order to get you the compensation you are entitled to.

Settlement Agreements

In order for a “Settlement Agreement” to be valid, you must receive independent legal advice on the Agreement’s terms and the effect it has on your legal rights. Using our extensive experience in advising on and negotiating Settlement Agreements, we will work with you to ensure that you understand your legal position and bargaining power so that you can determine whether the deal you have been offered is fair and what further options may be available to you.

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